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Larger ethernet circuits can be delivered over DS3. There are at least three advantages of ethernet over DS3. First, ethernet over DS3 can deliver higher bandwidth than a regular DS3 circuit. Ethernet over DS3 can provide up to 88 mbps. Second, ethernet over DS3 can be less expensive per mbps then DS3. An 88 mbps ethernet over DS3 circuit can often be offered for less than $6000 per circuit. Depending on location, $6000 is the average cost for a 45 mbps DS3 circuit. Third, ethernet over DS3 requires much simpler and less expensive hardware for handoff at the customer premise than does DS3.  

Burstable T3 is ideal for businesses which commonly need far less than a full T3/DS3 (45 mbps), but occasionally have surges in bandwidth usage which approach a full T3. Burstable T3 is efficient for these companies because they are only billed for the average bandwidth used. With burstable T3, pricing is based on the average of past transmission rates, usually at the 95th percentile. When this averaged bandwidth rate is exceeded, the bill is adjusted for that specific billing period. If a company has predictable bandwidth usage, however, then fractional t3/ds3, bonded t1, or full t3 can be more efficient.  

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